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RASP B.V. markets an advanced simulation software tool for product and process design and verification.

This tool mainly supports the design and verification of complex assembly, disassembly, maintenance, repair and training processes, including human involvement. The tool is based on advanced immersive and interactive Virtual Reality techniques and manipulates digital prototypes of mechanical components / subassemblies. This advanced simulation software tool is designed for application in various industrial sectors, such as aerospace, automotive and maritime.

This tool also provides a set of quantitative and qualitative performance indicators for evaluating the alternative designs of products and processes.

The tool is flexible enough to simulate and other types of manufacturing processes.

VR & AR applications

This production line control software package is consisted of several modules and is used for modeling the shop floor, start the execution and performing the task planning.

The motivation has been the need to develop an autonomous and more flexible manufacturing system built upon agent-based open architecture and ontology technology which will enable:

  • robot to robot cooperation during the execution of a certain job

  • robot reconfiguration to easily adapt to the production process

  • failure detection and handling

  • a quicker and simpler robot programming, without any master/slave roles distribution between the entities of the production line

Robotics Control Software

The Shop Floor Operator Support software package provides assembly instructions in several media formats (text, drawings and video) utilizing mobile wireless devices through user-centered interface that reduce effort to retrieve and understand instructions directly to shop-floor operators. The system supports the operators for performing non-assembly tasks such as ordering materials, reading change orders and receiving messages from management. It can be used to support operators with every day work at shop-floor or used for training and learning purposes (e.g. during new product ramp-up phase).

Through a web interface the production manager may easily define product structure and tasks to be performed, define the characteristics of the available operators and set the performance objectives and their importance.

The tool dynamically provides optimized shift and production schedules for human operators. The dynamic nature of the tool lies in the ability to trigger the rotation RFID integration automates the process of identifying products, parts and operators. The time needed information management is decreased and errors introduced due to human involvement in data entry process are eliminated.

Shopfloor Operations Support

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